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Rich men and their secrets

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Rich men and their secrets

Rich men and their secrets

Rich men and their secrets

Uganda has rich people. So many really people in this country are not known. Truly rich men and women in this country are silent.  Real tycoons don’t shout to advertise themselves so that the world may recognize them. If you are really rich, keep quiet. The world will know. They will look for you if you are needed.

True journalists will look for you to ask you questions. Once one discovers the sources of the wealth that one was seeking, they will fearlessly act and do anything to keep themselves around there until gold is mined. Not all people can grow rich.

So many young men have entered the industry of music. Very few of them can sing to impress as the whole sings along with them for more than five years. People in Uganda think there are things that can be given away without you paying.

There is nothing for nothing. There is witch craft in this world and it can never go away. Men with energy to work are sleeping in houses of worship. Prayers that are not sincere cannot be answered. There are no free things.  People still want to get what they have not worked for. Those who will one day be rich sweat and toil until something happens.

Tycoons with money that may last for generations are people who have been working for a lot of years.  They laugh when they see young musicians singing to be seen by ladies. Rich men marvel when they see you hopping from one bar to another seeking for fame. So many so called celebrities have launched songs when it was not time to do so. They want to gather some little money to sip huge alcohol bottles or to afford a car.

You saw last time. Qute Kaye was caught stealing. Kaye was a famous artiste ten years ago. He was a ladies’ darling. Beautiful ladies fell in love with this then handsome young man. Qute Kaye was written about almost every day by the now limping tabloids in this country. He got what kept him awake looking for. He got the fame he wanted. He did little to know where money that could live after fame was found. You are singing. Highly depressed youth and taxed men are praising you.

Where are going to be in ten years? All people who are going to be very rich in the next ten years know that time comes and people get tired of looking at thighs of women. Newspapers that published images of naked ladies are today struggling to stand up. Others fell down four years ago. Tycoons who see far don’t invest in gossip.

They put money in businesses where profits will forever roll in. young journalists make a mistake of wanting quick money mostly from politicians who play dirty politics. Brown envelope journalists are poor and they will never get out of this poverty. Tycoons and politicians wanting to be put there are looking for me.

I will write about you when the time comes but not now. People are poor. We are paving ways for them.

Early riches are more dangerous than poverty. There are newspapers that I refused to work for. Close friends didn’t understand me. I was seeing something. I knew what I was doing.  I knew where I am going. I will get there. Rich men and women guard their secrets jealously.

We live in a country where rich people rarely open up. It is so difficult for a rich person in this country to tell you how and why they made it. Time came and I almost decided to concentrate on writing about the Bill Gates there in America.  I left your business owners here. They are very difficult to see. I struggled hard to find out why the supremely rich men and women became so.

Bill Gates persisted and endured until he entered what he sold into almost all offices in this world. You too can sell hugely what you have invented. These men were once very ordinary Americans who had nothing. They were not connected. They were poor. Most of them had no college degrees. Some of them had no property to inherit. You can do it. Don’t give up.

People in Namasuba and Nyanama say they saw Simpson Birungi starting his journey in cosmetics. When he succeeded the same people came out to say the money that expanded his massive cosmetics company Movit, is not his own.

This man must fight very hard now. The people who saw him beginning, with almost nothing, are determined. They will wrestle Movit down. The rich don’t talk but what they own can be owned by whoever wishes. They began and decided to, with determination, walk to where they saw what they wanted. These people don’t need to tell us. We know already. The secret is not witch craft. It is persistence

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