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Catherine Kusasira trip to U.S sets tongues wagging


Catherine Kusasira trip to U.S sets tongues wagging

Kusasira's trip to U.S sets tongues wagging

Kusasira’s trip to U.S sets tongues wagging

When musicians who were involved in the Tubonge chased Bebe Cool as the link between them and Mzee Kaguta, and choose to gift the position to Kusasira many of them believed that they were about to see an end to their financial woes.

But as things look now, some artistes are whispering behind the back of Kusasira saying that, the fact that she is too close to Mzee, its even very hard to know if, when and how much money has been released by Mzee on their behalf.

Now when Kusasira flew to America recently, tongues started waggi ng mbu, she could be using the money that these musicians were expecting to be released by Mzee. Rafiki has learnt that the Tubonge musicians are now preparing for another coup within their ranks…….

Who can really do the job better? Rafiki can assure them, that no one will salvage them therefore  the only advise that Rafiki can give is that instead of them waiting for hand outs they should get into their studios and do some good music!




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