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Tempo Of Wisdom

Tempo Of Wisdom

Now, there in the United States, prostate almost every day, continues to prove that no man or woman can act alone.

You perhaps also need someone to enable you accomplish what you have, for years, struggled to get. You know, so many years ago, I sat a lot, alone, at those cheap and rickety tables in the hovel of my relative and always thought about what I would do to see a line , at least one, being published, so that one could understand that  there is suffering and struggling in this world.

A writer, who is widely read like me, really must have seen a lot before arriving. Do not therefore lose hope.  Hate the life you today lead and go for something that you will make you smile. Do not be misled or be deceived. You can do it, completely.

Man is selfish and it takes years, of training or counseling to make a man, similar to perhaps Museveni, whom you can insult or abuse as he listens. These things do not come easily. The only thing that successful people, in any field fear to say is the period they spent before the world gave them space.

Jose Chameleone or Robert Kyagulanyi will accept to chart with you and Bobi Wine will tell you that he is really now a member of parliament but he will always be afraid to tell the number of years he spent before his first song, that brought him in front of these respected chairs, could obey and it started moving, to be seen by even some members of Kwagalana.

They say today music is money. You pump in money and nothing happens. You deal with brown envelope journalists. They eat the little you have. You sink again. You swim again and again until you bring yourself to a certain level. Again you fall. Bloggers give up.

Some people think elections are won son Face book. They lose. A Museveni man goes down to Kyanamukaaka to face a man with no access to your Face books. Museveni makes it again.  The world does not easily give away what it thinks belongs to it. You want to unseat someone but you must know those people also dreamed, day and night, as they cried, and sneezed, before they became what they are.

The empire has welcomed you but, go   slow. The human resource manager has been there for some time. Respect them. The newsroom is spacious but those people have struggled with the newspaper and, it is not easy. Respect them.

People here have written and we followed.  We never missed following them. They were super. Paul Waibale or Wilson Mpiiima. These men did wonders, and fought for all journalists here.  Cooperate Journalists .

We are quite free here, according to what is happening in Asia or Europe. People in South America are in the necks of their presidents. People in Venezuela said no and their no should be heard, against all odds, they say.

Here Besigye is also free. In this government people are rarely sacked. A chicken thief will straight away board the prison bus, after a few days. I thank you Mr. Museveni, you almost don’t jail your political opponents. The reason, you rule.

Go there and see. The world is tired. Think about the boys who get fed up and join jihadist groups to chop heads of activists like me, off.  Think about, the young men and women with their children on their backs who jump onto rickety boats to cross the Mediterrrean Sea so that they can illegally enter Europe to enjoy some good life there.

Every one wants to eat.  People are today as hard as nails. And you better concentrate and mind your business. You do. See, people have humbled themselves. They wake up, very early in the morning, to go to work, unlike in the past.

You are sacked, if you are a time waster.  And then, like a serpent, you eat dust. African despots have stepped up their game. They love power so much, and there is nothing you will do about it.

If it is money, look for it. Establish yourself now. And, I am telling you, there is huge money in this world. Even here in this country.

Children are depressed out there. We need to talk. These pens must be used. Most areas in this country are depressed. See the number of people at Canaan land in Makerere Kinoni, praying to God, every day, under the leadership of pastor Bugingo.

You will see that people are now willing to do every thing they can, to get there. Go and see.  Someone else you will accomplish what you thought was impossible. They must.

Who really thought that a man like me would completely transmute what he had just talked about, a lot of years ago, into real things?  Who thought really, that I would write hundreds of saleable articles that would change the earth?  I made it. Go out and see. Things can be done.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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