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Mowzey now minting millions from song writing


Mowzey now minting millions from song writing

Mowzey now minting millions

Mowzey now minting millions

Woe unto Ugandan musicians who have no other talent; This is because music especially Ugandan music doesn’t pay any more.

The clever musicians have excelled in other fields, by using their other talents to tap into those other fields.

Bobi Wine and Mesach Ssemakula are now millionaires who have changed tactic to tap cash from else where.

This seems to be the path that Mowzey is treading now; apart from singing soulfully, but his major talent apart from singing is also a song writer.

Rafiki has info that recently, Mowzey was paid 6 million shillings by Irene Namubiru for just one song called ‘Kinuma’.

The funny fact is that when you don’t pay all his money, he will end up singing your song and make it a hit. Word is that Neera, was supposed to be sang by Rema, but she failed to pay the balance that they had agreed on and that Mowzey he ended up making it a hit! Way to go Man!!!!!!!



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