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UNCC promotes environmental conservation through art


UNCC promotes environmental conservation through art

Musisi Michael Angel the first runner up.

Uganda National Cultural Center celebrated the first curated annual School Art Magazine Awards on March 15 under the theme “Beauty and its wild.”

The essence of the SAMA awards, according to UNCC spokesperson Robert Musiitwa, was to promote the link between art and environmental preservation.

Students in attendance.

The event attracted elite schools from Kampala and its environs including Taibah International School, Kampala Parents, Munta Royal College Bombo, Green hill Academy, Seven hills Academy, Ambrossoli Academy, Galaxy Academy and Montessori Pre-school.

An art by Sarah Berlin from International School of Uganda was chosen as the most outstanding of all pieces. Berlin l was awarded a cash prize of UGX.350,000.

The Art piece that won the awards

Berlin drew a baby as an animal that is being chased wildly. It portrayed human beings as animals or something uncontrollable.

“When you work with the children, it is one way of passing on culture to the next generation and interests the children to love and protect the environment.”

Prime Rose Akankwasa from Taibah International School reecieving a certificate from the production Manager UNCC.

Musiitwa added: “UNCC works mostly with preservation of culture but you cannot promote and popularize what doesn’t exist. We have to preserve so that there is something tangible to promote.”

The curator of Nommo gallery Phillip Balimosi added that they looked at the moment of genius that a student portrayed to the panel.

Some of the art pieces

“The winning piece was comprehensive, packed, unpacked, repacked, uncovered and defined the event today because we are working with children. As a curator, I try to read behind the minds and many approached wildlife in a unique way,” added Balimosi.



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