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UMA launch ‘Í choose peace’ campaign song advocating for peaceful elections


UMA launch ‘Í choose peace’ campaign song advocating for peaceful elections

UMA President Wycliff Tugume

The Political Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) together with the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) ‘have  launched ‘Í choose peace’ campaign song advocating for a peaceful election period.

The essence of the campaign is to create public awareness on the relevance of observing peace elections in the forth coming elections.

Speaking to the press at Kati Kati Restuarant on 10, December, The President of UMA Tugume Wycliff aka Ykee Benda said that everyone has a right to choose whoever they want in the coming elections thus verging for peaceful elections.

“These are just political parties but as you vote, you must not forget who you are. I personally choose peace. Remember you can go far alone but you can go to the end together,” he said

The country Director Netherlands Institute  for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) Frank Rusa noted that the I choose campaign is a campaign for everybody.

“If individuals decide to choose peace then we can have peace, We saw so many people die in the elections, this should not be so. The job of creating a peaceful environment for elections is everyone’s duty so we are going to choose peace,” he said

Rusa added that: ” I would like to congratulate musicians and politicians for leaving their jobs and deciding to join the campaign.”

The General Secretary UMA Phina Mugerwa Masanyalaze noted that musicians are the best teachers because music moves faster than anything.

“When it comes to sensitization, we are the best. For the first time musicians are considered a useful association,” she said

Masanyalaze further urged youths to reduce on the election excitment because their lives are exposed to danger.

“Mind you all these politicians have security so they are always protected but what do you have, please we should verge for peace in the campaign period and also the election process,” she added

Deputy Secretary General Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Harold Kaija added that musicians paint the whole story through music.

“People are dying of COVID-19 because their is no oxygen and yet nothing is done. I want to thank musicians for consoling us through music. Musicians must help us tell the political class what is happening in the country,” he said

Uganda’s Youngest Female Rapper  Nanyanzi Faith aka Felister Di Superstar added that violence leaves the young generation homeless.

“I want to appeal to the public to stop the riots. We the children are the one’s suffering, our parents die in these riots and leave us homeless and police should also observe peace as they execute their duties,” she said

IPOD, partnered with UMA, NIMD, the secretariat of IPOD and Fireworks advertising to launch the ‘ choose peace’ (Londa Dembe) campaign theme song.




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