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MultiChoice condemns Piracy, urges consumers to pay for content


MultiChoice condemns Piracy, urges consumers to pay for content

MultiChoice team with Content creators

Content consumers have been urged to stop the practice of piracy since it kills talent of content creators and the entire arts industry.

Speaking at the MultiChoice 2024 Media Showcase, Rinaldi Jamugisa PR and Communications Manager at MultiChoice Uganda says Ugandans ought to appreciate the efforts by content creators and attach monetary value to the creative content in order to support the artists and subsequently the economy.

He explains that Ugandans must stop unauthorized use and reproduction of people’s creative works but rather access this content through authorized channels like phone digital applications, pay TV subscriptions since the proceeds are invested in the industry for the artists to have a commercial benefit from their works.

“We are calling on viewers to say, can you please pay for the content you watch. Remember an artist has invested in this piece of work, whereas a mechanic earns from repairing cars what happens is that a film maker or a musician earns from acting, making movies or singing,” said Jamugisa.

Jamugisa says when you do not pay to watch, it means the content creators are not able to make back their money or the revenue they have invested in and yet when you are able to pay it means that they are able to get paid.

To encourage home grown content, Jamugisa said through the MultiChoice has not only provided dedicated channels for local productions but has also equipped 25 young people in Uganda and 300 across Africa with film making skills.

Juliana Muhairwe, the director Industrial Affairs and Content development, Uganda Communication Commission, the arts industry plays a critical role in the economy especially where the biggest percentage of the population are young people.

“Countries that are serious about local content development, film production, they will see at least 20 – 30% contribution of the value of film to their Gross Domestic Product, it is the reason why UCC is focusing a lot on investment in local content, improving the quality storytelling, viewing film as a business because we know this is where youth employment come from,” Muhairwe said.

Muhairwe expressed optimism that the parliament of Uganda will soon enact the copyright enabling Act to address piracy that will secure the business for the film industry.

“On the issue of people not being able to commercialize their content effectively because consumer copy and do not pay for this content, I think once the bill is passed by parliament we should be able as a country to implement it and all armies of government relevant to copyright (UCC, URSB and URA should be able to utilize that particular legalization to ensure that we are part of protecting the work of people in this particular sector,” Muhairwe said

Brian Mulondo, Local Content Marketing Manager said MultiChoice believes in the power of storytelling to inspire, entertain, and unite communities.

“Our ongoing investment in the local film industry is evident of our unwavering dedication to nurturing homegrown talent and celebrating diverse stories,” Mulondo commented.

From showcasing the thought process behind the generation of content, to availing what is coming in the future, this year’s DSTV and Go-TV customers will be treated to a great entertainment line-up.

This year, viewers anticipate the return of shows they have grown to enjoy, such as Kampala Crème and DamaLie, alongside new productions like Mum Vs Wife and Crossroads, all crafted and produced by Ugandans. These shows will have dedicated platforms on Pearl Magic Prime and Pearl Magic, exclusively showcasing local content.

Jamugisa, commended the collaboration they have had with local talent which has enabled the company to fulfil its mandate.

“Through strategic partnerships, investment in local talent, and innovative programming initiatives, we continually strive to amplify the voices and stories of Ugandan creators, ensuring their narratives reach audiences far and wide,” Jamugisa said.

He emphasized that the Company’s relentless pursuit of excellence in showcasing the richness of Ugandan culture that not only celebrates diversity but also empowers communities and drives socio-economic growth.

Lois Kwikiriza, Head of Marketing gave viewers assurance that they will be at the forefront of every sporting spectacle, ensuring they do not miss a single moment of the action.

“From the highly anticipated return of the European football championships to the excitement of the Paris Olympics, alongside personal favorites like Formula 1 and the last two grand slams of the year in tennis, there will be no shortage of thrilling moments” Kwikiriza noted.



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