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Is LC1 helpful on ground?


Is LC1 helpful on ground?

If you follow all these land issues 99% local counsel is involved, local council is something that would be helpful, but instead they are the source every mess, because of how they operate its not something that should be considered in our public.

When it comes to family affairs my goodness it’s a different story, if you are not close to any of the leaders you have no family and the judgment is worse than poison, I wish they follow the constitution. In 2012 around April I picked interest in a story of a young lady called Halimah Nakabazzi. who was accused of spoiling young girls in kitintale a suburb of Kampala. Halimah was humiliated by Nabakyala (lady in charge of women affairs) village level sitting her in village meeting concerning sexual orientation accusation (lesbian) these ladies and gentlemen of kitintale central zone expelled the young lady from the village basing on accusation, the reason they gave was she is a bad example to next the community.

Human rights needs to advocate for less authorities that was given to the local council in Uganda, an LC1 determines your stay in the village or country because if he or she doesn’t sign your passport application forms believe me you can’t get a passport.

Now they have the local court, which normally seats on weekends that is on Sunday and it’s public, how I wish they first counsel this woman or man privately before humiliating them in public.

Some accusations make people lose lives, jobs and self esteem. Dear local leaders can we reconsider how we handle some issues, being Lesbian is a crime yes, but do you have enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Halimah Nakabazzi was what you claimed? Before you put someone’s daughter or son in danger please crosscheck your accusations. All of you have daughters, sons and am sure u don’t want to associate them with LGBT let it be a friend or a relative. Because we all know the consequences

Anyway I know nothing let me go back to my kafundah enjoy cold Nile



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