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UK Visa applications and payment moved to online


UK Visa applications and payment moved to online

In another abrupt change, or the Skrill e-wallet.”

The statement adds that the move to online application and payments is aimed at improving service delivery by streamlining the application process. The statement also noted that the change is meant to align the visa process with the UK government’s new approach of digitalizing things.

According to Samuel Paice, the head of Communications at the British High Commission in Uganda, the new online payment system will be a safer system for both customers and staff as it reduces the risk associated with handling large amounts of cash during the visa application process.

While it may help ease up things for the British government, the new procedure is likely to make life harder for applicants who will have to do some learning on how the new payment systems work.

The UK is not the first foreign mission to move visa applications online, the US started it a couple of years ago, although Americans still accept hard copy receipts of bank payments as evidence of visa fee payments.



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