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Minister ready to lose job over Museveni’s gay stand


Minister ready to lose job over Museveni’s gay stand

Ready to return to FDC? Local government junior minister Alex Onzima

The State Minister for Local Government Alex Onzima, has vowed to quit his job if President Museveni refuses to assent to the Anti-Homosexuality bill.

Onzima, who was speaking during the induction of new Maracha Archdeacon, Alex Adroni, at Nyoro in Maracha district recently said President Museveni is bowing to pressure from western powers ‘who consider themselves as the police of the world,’ to permit gay practices in Uganda.

Onzima, chided Museveni, saying that he doesn’t agree with him: “On this, whoever is Museveni’s secret spy, go and tell him, Onzima does not agree with you. I am ready to lose this so called Work of Minister”, he said in protest.

While looking directly to a man who was talking on phone believed to be one of the district security agents, Onzima, reiterated, “I have seen you reporting, you report to him.” Onzima, who is also the Area Member of Parliament for Maracha constituency and who was appointed minister in 2011 after crossing from FDC, said that after all he has a home in Maracha, where he will be buried if he dies.

Onzima saluted the President of Senegal Macky Sall, for telling off the US President Barak Obama, during his visit to the West African country last year, that homosexuality has no place in Africa and Obama can stay with his homosexuality and lesbian in America.

Onzima praised the retired Archbishop of The Church of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi, who hails from West Nile, for standing firm against western influence to accommodate homosexuality in Uganda.

Onzima said after five years church of Uganda is still surviving and he asked the Christians to stand firm against homosexuality.

The Church of Uganda stance on homosexuality is supported by other religious denominations including Muslims and Catholics.



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