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Ugandan man in UK faces sodomy charges back home


Ugandan man in UK faces sodomy charges back home

Hunted; Image of Patrick Idewa

Energized by the current anti-homosexual sentiments in the country, residents of Mwelo Village in Tororo District have unearthed cases involving horrendous abuses of their children by a certain gay man who fled to the United Kingdom.

The residents have taken matters to the local LC to try to help them bring to book one Patrick Idewa whom they accuse of sexually abusing two of their children (names withheld because they are minors) by engaging in acts of homosexuality.

Led by the boys’ parents, the residents have appealed to village leaders to help them prosecute Idewa, if he returns to Uganda from the United Kingdom where he allegedly fled following reports that he had penetrated their behinds in an alleged sexual act.

The children who spoke with The Sunrise reporter in Tororo, allege that Idewa lured them into the sinful act with promises of money and clothes that he had allegedly received from his benefactors in the UK.

Instead of receiving goodies, the victims allege that Idewa Sodomised them causing them serious health problems. The residents now have ganged up against acts of homosexuality in their area especially following recent reports that Idewa, a son of the soil is now spearheading a campaign to recruit more young boys into homosexuality.

Many anti-homosexual activists have hailed the recent passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 which they believe could go a long way to tame the vice that many Ugandans fear is a threat to humanity.

There are however other anti-homosexuality crusaders like Pastor Moses Solomon Male, who argue that the new proposed law, now awaiting the President’s signature, will only make the fight against homosexuality harder as it tries to criminalize innocent people like Doctors who attend to gay people.

In his recent in-depth series in The Sunrise on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Pastor Male has argued that Uganda has strong enough laws on its books to be able to bring sodomites to book, but only lacks the political will to enforce the laws.

Male has argued that Uganda’s laws such as the Penal Code, already outlaw homosexuality. Male has argued that with his efforts, he has managed to help victims of homosexuality secure justice after they were abused by people in their trust.

Also, recently, the high court in Uganda deported a notorious British national Bernard Randall after it emerged he had sodomised several young men in Entebbe and Kampala during his stay in Uganda.

The fear of homosexuality spreading in schools has been a major concern of parents as the year begins and this is perhaps one of the reasons the residents of  Mwelo want to nick Idewa’s plans in the bud.



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