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Ex-wives gang up to beat husband


Ex-wives gang up to beat husband

Last Sunday August 10, a welder and resident of Kisugu zone, in Namuwongo, a suburb of Kampala was awaken from his sleep by two of his ex-wives who had turned up to inflict revenge on him for marrying another woman, Writes Kembabazi D. Doreen.

In an apparently per-meditated attack, Matha Arumbe and Betty Athieno stormed Obene’s rented one-roomed house and demanded that he opens up and make them tea.

Arumbe, who separated from Obene about a year ago and started single life as a tailor in Luzira, led the attack after learning from Athieno that their ex hubby had married another woman.

After they successfully persuaded Obene to open for them, they started provoking him with demands such as making them tea. At this point, Obene narrated that he knew what their plan was, to attack the new wife identified only as Victoria.

“I asked Victoria to get out of the house because I suspected they wanted to beat her up.” While Victoria hesitated to get out, the two attackers started fighting with Obene who was shielding Victoria from the attackers.

Amid the chaotic milieu, Victoria escaped to safety. But the attackers managed to push Obene out of the Muzigo.  They collected almost everything in the house, tied it, threw it outside and set it on fire much to the agony of Obene.  

The attackers tried to escape but the police that had been alerted by residents, mounted a roadblocked and caught the women.

In an interesting turn of events, Obene’s sobs were not enough to attract sympathies from police officers.

The women bragged that Obene was an irresponsible person who was not taking care of the children he had fathered with them. So, they gleefully told police officers that they were teaching him a lesson.

“This man is a womanizer and we not the only women he has. There is another woman he has in Mbaale and she has 3 children and therefore this man has 9 children,” said Arumbe to the amusement of on looking police officers.

Instead of placing charges against the attackers, police officers slapped a Ushs 10,000 fine against Obene for waste of time.

The two attackers were accordingly set free. With all his belongings burnt, Obene left the police station clueless. He told this reporter that he had nothing else to do except looking for money to buy new stuff.



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