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Education Service Commission to get permanent home


Education Service Commission to get permanent home

without a permanent home. But that may be about to change.

The Minister of Education Jessica Alupo (Pictured) has pledged to find some two acres of land this year on which to locate the offices of the institution as one of the ways to save it from the inconvenience of having to move from one place to another.

Alupo said: “The reason why the Government is donating this portion of land is help reduce the movement which leads to the loss of useful documents, lack of concentration and avoiding the disturbance when it comes to coordination.

Alupo made the remarks during the launch of the Commission’s Strategic Plan 2014-2019 added that, this will help the Commission to have its permanent home to carry out their work effectively.

The commission has earlier on written to the Minister asking her to allocate them part of the 10-acre land hosting the National Curriculum Development Centre located in Kyambogo.

The strategic plan focuses on reviewing the existing polices, recruitment of qualified personnel, advising government in respect to education policies and their implementation, construction of office block and establishment and maintenance of a record of public officers in the education service.

The strategic plan is expected to guide the commission in planning and budgeting for its annual and medium term activities with the view of responding to both sectoral and national issues.

The Education Service Commission chairman Lubega Wagwa said: “Our strategic plans had failed due to lack of effective implementation, as a Commission our success depends on the positive response from our key stakeholders to carry out our work effectively.

But since the Minister has assured us that there is hope to receive two acres of land to construct our headquarters, will be able to lay our work plan and maintain quality personnel for Uganda’s education system.”



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