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Kayihura; Criminals want to torch Kampala this weekend


Kayihura; Criminals want to torch Kampala this weekend

IGP Kayihura says some criminal minded individuals want to torch Kampala

IGP Kayihura says some criminal-minded individuals want to torch Kampala

IGP says his men are on standby to stop possible chao

The Police have issued a security warning about a suspected series of criminal activities including burning police vehicles, 2015.

A statement from the Public Relations Office of the Inspectorate of Police and signed by IGP. Gen. Kale Kayihura, said the force is on standby to quell the criminal activities.

The statement reads:

“Police has received information of plans by a criminally-minded group to cause chaos in Kampala, tomorrow Saturday 3, October 2015. They plan to attack police and burn vehicles, vandalise and loot property, burn petrol stations along highways leading into and out of Kampala and block traffic and attack.”

“This is to alert members of the Public about this group and also to assure the country that we are taking effective measures to ensure that business life in and out of the city is normal and secure. At the same time we warn the ringleaders of this group to stop whatever you intend to do.

“We are closely following your criminal activities and you will have only yourselves to blame when the law catches up with you.”

The Police did not link the potentially disastrous plot to any known terrorist or political group.

The warning comes at a critical moment when Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is set to hold its annual carnival this weekend. The gathering of a large number of people, security forces say, tends to attract criminals and terror-minded individuals.

At the same time, the country is preparing for general elections in February.

The Electoral Commission announced this week that they had extended the period for nomination of presidential aspirants by one month to enable aspirants adjust to changes in the law including having to pay Ushs20m to the EC in return for no financial gain except being nominated.



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