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First Lady dismayed by rising cases of single & same sex parents as she launches Family Focus campaign


First Lady dismayed by rising cases of single & same sex parents as she launches Family Focus campaign

First Lade Janet Museveni launched the Family Focus campaign in Kampala

Leaders at all levels both in the private and public spheres have been urged to acquire competences that will positively influence family for the transformation of the country.

Launching the Family Focus, a campaign that seeks to champion the values of the traditional family, in Kampala, the first lady and Minister for Education Janet Museveni expressed dismay that the family unit is disintegrating due to attacks especially from western countries which call deliberate actions by all leaders.

Janet Kataha Museveni singled out single parenting that is steadily increasing within the society where mainly fathers have abandoned their responsibility which will subsequently breed other evils.

“Influences from the western world are now creeping into our society, single parenting and parenting by same sex partners are promoted as alternative lifestyles contradicting the biblical world view of parenthood as we know it,” said Museveni.

She expressed dismay over the statistics from the survey conducted by the Family Life network which indicate that only 5% off fathers are actually involved in the lives of their children and 10% of fathers were unaware of children they fathered, while 30% of households were headed by women.

Applauding the Life Ministry Uganda for the Family Focus initiative that is aimed at mobilizing leaders to have an impact in their circles, the First Lady appealed to all those in positions of influence to embrace and inculcate Godly values in all they do to give the young people a good example.

She says that society needs transformational leaders with integrity and competences to protect the children against the negative effects of the media, entertainment and peer pressure.

“I believe that communities are effectively mobilized when the leaders they believe in deliver relevant transformation message, also I urge Family Focus to start with leaders”

Quoting the bible Psalms 78;72 which states “David led with the integrity of heart and skillfulness of hand” the First lady pointed out David was a man of great competency and compassion, qualities that are lacking within our society today unfortunately.

“Consequently, we must invest in leadership development to equip those in authority with the skill required to lead well,” said Museveni.

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Dorothy Kisaaka delivered the keynote address under the theme: “The Wings that fly a leader to significance.” Kisaka challenged leaders not only to appreciate their mandate but always to connect it to their identity in God if they are to serve people efficiently.

KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka delivered the Keynote Address

“A person of integrity embraces their leadership mandate with strength, they examine their leadership mandate, they defend their mandate, ……why???? Because your mandate is not man given, it’s given by God, there is no promotion that comes from man, the bible teaches us that promotion comes from God, the position of authority that we occupy whoever we are, whatever place/position we occupy , it is true you were appointed by man but guess what it’s God who appointed you in that place and gave you a leadership mandate,” Kisaaka stressed.

The National Director Life Ministry Uganda, David Wataba called on the government to adopt its programs designed to safeguard the family and incorporate them into its policies, programs and mandates of different ministries.



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