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Trump announces shock bid to reclaim White House


Trump announces shock bid to reclaim White House

Former President Donald Trump launched his shock bid for a non-consecutive third bid for the White House at his home in Florida

Former U.S President Donald Trump has announced a bid to run for United States President in 2024. Trump’s bid, though not unprecedented, is rather out of tradition for a former President to return to the campaign trail after losing.

Trump lost to his Democratic party challenger Joseph Biden in 2020, even though he refused to accept defeat.

This week Trump announced he was ready to seek re-election. Trump will have to endure a battle for the Republican party nomination, which is likely to be hugely divisive especially after most of his chosen candidates lost in the just concluded US midterm elections.

Still, the unique nature of Trump’s bid can be seen from the fact that there has been only one former president since 1885, to ran for the same office they lost.

The American constitution says that someone can only be voted for as President for two consecutive terms. The constitution does not stop anyone from returning for an non-consecutive term.

The last US President to succeed in a similar endeavor was Grover Cleveland who led between 1885 to 1889 and then again between 1893 to 1897.

American political pundits are analyzing the reasons that may tempted trump to return to the campaign trail.
Many of them have cited the many legal battles, including possible sanctions arising from his support for insurrection when he urged his supporters to storm the US Congress in what many have described as the greatest threat to America’s democracy.

The BBC has suggested that a presidential bid by Trump may allow him to; “More effectively frame his multiple criminal and civil investigations as part of a larger political vendetta.”



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