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Mbabazi comes out on ‘crossing back to NRM’


Mbabazi comes out on ‘crossing back to NRM’

Amama Mbabazi on his trail in Eatern Uganda

Amama Mbabazi on his campaign trail in Eatern Uganda

Following the cross back to the ruling NRM party by former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, Presidential aspirant John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has been under pressure from the public – would he too return to his party soon?

Mbabazi yesterday came out to clear the air about his future by saying there is no chance of him crossing back to the movement because the top leadership of the party does not believe in rule of law, civility, and in transition of power.

Prof. Bukenya under his Party of National Unity was one of the four contenders for the flag bearer of the botched Democratic Alliance. His words while still TDA and the shocking way in which he fell back on his vows, shocked many and forced many to suspect that even Mbabazi could do the same.

While while responding to the question whether he could consider renewing his support for Museveni the way Prof. Bukenya has done, Mbabazi said: “There is no chance of this happening. What really matters is not the individuals but the principles involved.

My disagreement with the NRM party as it functions now is based on principle. I believe in the rule of law, in civility, in transition of power. NRM today, at least at the top level of leadership, does not believe in or care about those same things. The members and supporters of NRM largely do but it is very clear the top leadership does not. My disagreement is primarily with that section of the NRM party.

He adds: “Two, I joined politics to serve my country Uganda. I want to be president because it’s time for a peaceful transition and because I believe the way this country is governed needs to change. And in the last few months it has become even more apparent to me that the future of this country is at stake if we don’t have change. Government is ineffective. Our economy is performing badly.”

Mbabazi who anchored his earlier message upon the young people, repeated the youth theme saying “The youth – who are the lifeblood of this nation – are mostly jobless. Our hospitals are in terrible shape and our education system is ailing. We can’t continue with more of the same.”

Mbabazi says he has partially succeeded in the Electoral Commission’s nomination process and is hopeful the rest of his papers will pass.

“I’ve gone through the nomination process. I completed the first stage and received a certificate from EC saying so. All that is left now is for the EC to verify my other nomination documents.”

Mbabazi says he cannot afford to betray his supporters including those that gave him signatures for nomination.

“This entire process hasn’t been easy on my supporters, on those volunteering/working for the campaign and on my friends and family. If I went back on my word, what would I tell them?

“What would I tell those tens of thousands who signed my nomination forms? Those who have been abducted, arrested, beaten and tortured because of their association with me?

“I am not that type of person!” concludes Mbabazi.



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