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Algeria promises more scholarships, cooperation in oil


Algeria promises more scholarships, cooperation in oil

President Museveni with his Algerian counterpart

President Museveni with his Algerian counterpart

President Yoweri Museveni has welcomed a decision by the Algerian government to increase the number of scholarships in petroleum studies to Ugandan students and to provide expertise to the government of Uganda in the petroleum sector.

Museveni’s message of gratitude came after touring the Sidi Rzine, the largest Algerian and African company and the 11th largest oil consortium in the world.

Museveni commended the Algerian government for agreeing to send a team of experts to Uganda to work with the Ministry of Energy on various aspects of oil refinery and oil pipeline construction.

Sonatrach Refineries is an Algerian government-owned company formed to exploit the hydrocarbon resources of the country. Its diversified activities cover all aspects of production: exploration, extraction, transport, and refining.

President Museveni was this week on a four-day state visit to Algeria, was accompanied on the tour by the Algerian Minister of African affairs and Cooperation Lamamra Ramtane, and that of Energy Khebri. He was briefed about the operations of the 51 year old refinery that currently processes 64, 000 barrels of oil per day.

The oil refinery which was the first to be constructed by the north African country is one of the five refineries in the country today that produce over 605,000 barrels per day all together.

Boutouba Batouche, the Executive Director of Sidi Rzine Algiers oil refinery said that the oil refinery produces a number of products that include LPG, Gasoline Reg. Gasoline Prem, Kerosene, Diesel, Naphta and fuel oil among others, for both domestic consumption and for export.

Boutouba Batouche also briefed the President on the ongoing revamping and expansion of the refinery that will see its production capacity increase from 64,000 barrels to 78,000 barrel daily upon completion.

Museveni commended the achievements of the government and people of Algeria in the oil and gas sector which have contributed to the development of the country and said that Uganda looks forward to a cooperate pattern and borrow the good practices of the Algerian oil industry as the country starts her own oil and gas production in the near future.



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