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New immune booster ‘delays’ AIDS progression


New immune booster ‘delays’ AIDS progression

Booster Plus can help keep away diseases and lengthen your life

Booster Plus can help keep away diseases and lengthen your life

A new food supplement rich in essential micro-nutrients that help improve the immune system has come on market.

Booster Plus, was unveiled recently by nutritional company Bomgi Nutraceuticals.

According to Dr. Ismail Ssenoga, the principal scientific officer at Bomgi, Booster Plus was produced after clinical trials both in Uganda and in Rwanda.

According to Ssenoga, one geologist named Dr. Harold Foster conducted a trial in 2006 on a combination of multi-vitamins and selenium on HIV/AIDS patients at Mengo Hospital.

Ssenoga notes that after a year-long trial, findings ‘proved that micro nutrition could in fact delay the progression of HIV to AIDS.’

In a statement released to the media, the findings had been ignored by Uganda’s ministry of health, until similar findings were obtained in Rwanda after a 2-year study based on yeast-based selenium.

Bomgi noted: “Micro nutrient supplementation can improve the quality of life for many people struggling with illnesses including cancer, sickle cell, anemia, diabates,”

Bomgi says that an adult can take 2 tables every day for a month at a cost of Ushs60,000. They add that regular intake of the tablets provide an opportunity to high quality of life.

“Booster plus is an economically viable solution to address malnutrition,” the statement adds: “The Havard school of public health recently announced that a multivitamin combination can have a remarkable impact upon people living with a weak immune system.”

A report from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) seen by The Sunrise on the multivitamin/selenium combination notes that researchers from the prestigious university carried a similar study on the effect of multivitamins on the health of HIV-infected individuals because it’s known that they tend to have deficiencies in micronutrients such as B vitamins, vitamins C and E, and thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid-and that these deficiencies may accelerate disease progression. The HSPH report adds: “It’s known that the trace element selenium helps maintain a responsive immune system.”

The HSPH study that was carried out in Botswana between 2004 and 2009 found that patients that took a combination of multivitamins and selenium recorded impressive results by reducing the risks of progression to ill-health.

“The results showed that those who took daily multivitamins with selenium had a roughly 50% reduced risk of progressing to either ill health or death due to AIDS over a 24-month period. The people in this group were also much more likely to have higher CD4 counts-a sign of a healthier immune system,” adds the HSPH report.

Ssenoga adds that Booster Plus is 100 percent organic with no adverse effect human life he said that the booster is cost effective and easy to administer

“It is typically organic and we use selenium which is got underground and pure Moringa” Ssenoga

The Chief Executive Officer Bomgi Nutraceuticals Prof. Brian Holmes highlighted the importance of fighting malnutrition as a first step to combating diseases in Africa.

Holmes observed that there is no way people can develop without being healthy.

Holmes told journalists that Booster plus has been circulated in top hospitals like Nsambya, Mengo, Mpigi, Nkozi and other pharmacies.

Speaking about the pharmaceutical power of moringa and selenium, Holmes said the plant contains essential vitamins, proteins, beta-carotene and various amino acids.

“Amino acids directly govern how the body works and functions,” said Holmes.

He added that Selenium is an essential trace mineral important for cognitive function, a healthy immune system and fertility for both men and women.

In Africa Selenium is common in Senegal and recently, it was identified in Hoima. According to Foster, the low levels of HIV prevalence in Senegal, is partly attributed to the high concentrations of selenium in its water.

“Senegal has among the lowest cancer and HIV in Africa even though prostitution and polygamy  are legal in Senegal and it’s often considered the sex trade capital of West Africa,” He adds: “Senegal has one of the largest sources of Selenium in their soils and drinking water is full of dissolved minerals.”



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