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Nabagereka hails artist Kibuuka


Nabagereka hails artist Kibuuka

A modern Batik Art made by David Kibuuka who was heiled by the Nabagereka of Buganda

A modern Batik Art made by David Kibuuka who was heiled by the Nabagereka of Buganda

The Nnabagereka of Buganda Sylvia Nagginda has praised Canadian-based Ugandan artist David Kibuuka for transferring art skills to young Ugandans.
Kibuuka who stays in Toronto-Canada has helped Ugandan youth in providing free training in Modern Batik Art.

Nabagereka said that in our globalized world, art is an important dimension of human expression and I believe it is critical for our living peacefully.
The Nnabagereka noted that art has a distinctive power for exploring, marking time and place, and for expanding and transforming that sense of community.

Nagginda said: “David Kibuuka’s Batik works represent artistic creations that invite us to explore and reflect on that sense of place and community. These works of art, each in it’s unique and original way,challenges our sense of imagination.”

She added: ”These works, invite new encounters, they trump our notions of belonging or estrangement, they bring new forms and images to the abundant ties that exist between human beings and the environment we all cherish”.

Nagginda said her foundation – Nnabagereka Development Foundation early this year sponsored a workshop in which a group of 13 youths were trained by Kibuuka in Batik designs and patterns.

Thanks to Kibuuka’s training, Nabagereka said those who were trained will pass over the acquired skills to their colleagues during Ekisaakate programme.

“As the founder/patron of the Nnabagereka Development Fundation, I do take great pride in the development and progress of the youth in Uganda and Worldwide, for it is indeed, the youth who are the future generation, added Nagginda.

“As the Nnabagereka Development Foundation commemorates 15 years, we celebrate our support of artistic endeavours that aim to inspire the youth, envisioning a World in which the arts lend shape to our vision of an inclusive cultural voice for the promotion of the welfare of children, youth, and women in Uganda.

The Nnabagereka also noted that, the Modern Batik Workshop is an integral part of NDF’s flagship Ekisaakate programme whose main goal is to groom, mentor and empower youth through the collective voice of ‘Ubuntulamu’.

The purpose, therefore of our gathering tonight is to harness our collective philanthropic power to raise the necessary funds to bring to fruition our ultimate dream of bringing a bout positive change in youth through art.

“I am confident that I hold in common with many of us here the conviction that culture, is shared, it is a building block of participatory citizenship, it therefore constitutes the bedrock of a civic society’.

The Chief Executive Officer of Nnabagereka Development Foundation Dr Noreen Kaleeba said the foundation is the leading organization in Africa that uses culture to leverage rights and development of children, youth and women in particular to tap into positive elements of culture such as Art to inform it’s development work.



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