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Veteran actor back to revive theatre


Veteran actor back to revive theatre

Kapapali with one of his sons who is also an actor

Kapapali with one of his sons who is also an actor

Known for theatre plays like his famous “Ntabadde muddya” Kapapaali Khalid is one of Uganda’s famous theatre actors back in 80’s.

His quest for greener pastures propelled him to travel to the United Kingdom where he had opted to continue with modern theatre plays but later resorted to other high income generating activities

In an exclusive interview with The Sunrise Khalid Kapapaali noted that he had come back to concentrate on his childhood hobby and he is set to boost the theatre industry by creating yet another breath taking play and exciting characters on the theatre stage.

Kapapaali told this paper that his view is to create fresh figures in the theatre industry who could be the future of theatre in Uganda

Kapapaali who used to fuse theatre work with music as a promoter travelled to London in 1993 when he had taken his clients Basudde Herman (late) and Paul Kafeero (late) the musical icons of the time for a musical show but he opted not to return home

“ By 1993 I was I music

promoter (Mbaleese) and Meddie Nsereko who had come from London then had asked me to organize top musicians for a show in the UK and he catered for all my bills on reaching London I opted to continue my life there” Kapapaali said.

Who is Khalid Kapapaali?

He rose to the scene during Obote’s Regime when he used to play like Obote by mimicking his hair style in his theatre compositions like Ekitone, Nzaalira Eddenzi, Muwanga ne Nambi, and Ntabadde Muddya could pull mammoth crowds at the National Theatre, many times beyond its sitting capacity.

“Everyone thought it was Obote playing on stage and no one could dare miss the play but sadly thousands were left outside due to space” Kapapaali

Kapapaali is no stranger to theatre that he is known for having established Bakayimbira dramactors one of the longest existing groups with his wife “Kalaala” as one of the lead actresses in Bakayimbira.

Kapapaali last appeared on stage in 1993 in a Royal play Sabasabala Mubusabala together with legendary Christopher Mukiibi, Mulindwa Muwonge,

Benon Kibuuka and Abbey Mukiibi in a play that commemorated the return of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi prior to his enthronement as the King of Buganda.

Khalid Kapapaali started his career in the 70’s with Kampala Golden Performers (Bamusanyusa) which later became Kampala Dramactors (Bakayimbira) and eventually evolved into Bakayimbira Dramactors






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