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Former Sabalangira Besweri Mulondo dies


Former Sabalangira Besweri Mulondo dies

Former Chief Prince (Sabalangira) Besweri Mulondo has breathed his last. PHOTO from Monitor Publications

Former Buganda’s Chief Prince (Sabalangira) Besweri Mulondo has breathed his last.     PHOTO from Monitor Publications

Prince Besweri Mulondo, remembered for his controversial stand on granting the federal status to Buganda during the constitution making process, has died.

Mulondo held different positions including serving as the chairman of the Uganda Land Commission during the Binayisa regime. He was also appointed deputy Katikkiro of Buganda as well as the Chief Prince (Ssabalangira) in the early years of Buganda kingdom’s restoration.

Mulondo was castigated by many Mengo loyalists who accused him of blocking the federal status for Buganda. His banana plantation at Kyankowe along Mityana road was cut down by angry people following his position during the Constituency Assembly. Mulondo was one of the prominent Baganda who supported President Yoweri Museveni popularise his guerilla activities in Bulemeezi (Luwero) district.

By the time of his death, Mulondo was serving as presidential advisor on land matters.



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