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How con woman grabbed dead man’s estate


How con woman grabbed dead man’s estate

Con woman plots to steal land

This is a con story that would leave the most cunning fox seething with envy. It is a story of a very sly woman who reportedly fooled court into putting her in charge of a dead rich man’s vast estate.

The con woman who identified herself as Jennifer Lilian Ndagire, claiming to be the widow of the departed wealthy man. She took along three other equally cunning women and ‘lied’ how they were her co-wives left behind by ‘her’ man.

Ndagire has been running the dead man’s estate, while selling off some of the properties, for six years now courtesy of her ‘dubiously’ obtained mandate from the high court.

But Ndagire’s luck seems to be out after the true widow, who has apparently been living abroad, returned from abroad to regain what belongs to her and her children. She is called Abisagi Ssemambo, the last name belonging to her departed husband, Herbert H.N Ssemambo.

Abisagi has sued Jennifer Lilian Ndagire, accusing her of ‘impersonating’ as the widow of her dead husband, going on to obtain letters of administration to run her estate, including hectares of land at block 38, Plot 16 at Muguluka village in Busiro, Wakiso district.

On securing the powers, the defendants are said to have turned up at the land registry and lied how the title for the land at Muguluka had gone missing and asked for a special certificate of title in respect of the same.

Abisagi is suing one Allen Nambi too for purportedly passing off as the ‘daughter’ of her departed husband.

Abisagi has filed her lawsuit at the Family division of the High Court through Shonubi, Musoke and company advocates.

Abisagi accuses Ndagire and Nambi of getting their own set of Letters of Administration long after the judge had granted her and one Ernest Kironde, administration powers over her husband’s estate.

“I and Kironde(now deceased) applied for and were granted probate for the Will of the late Herbert G.N Kironde on the 16th of February, 1982,” she explains.

Ndagire would 18 years later in March 2010 go to the high court and ‘apply’ for yet another set of letters of administration in respect of the same estate.

Presenting a set of three “fake widows” to the judge aside, Abisagi pins the two women for presenting  yet another set of ‘strangers’ , claiming they were children left behind by her man.

She jots down the names of the “fake orphans” for the interest of the judge. They are Paul Ssesanga, Scovia Nagujja, Rose Nantambi, Allen Nambi and Charles Ssemakadde.

Pointing out how defendants obtained the letters of administration with the sole aim of selling off properties left behind by her husband, she gives the example of the vast land at Muguluka in Busiro, which she says has since been zoned into plots and are on sale currently while such other plots are already sold.

She asks court to recall the letters of administration in possession of the defendants as well as direct the commissioner of land registration to cancel the special title in respect of the land at Muguluka, among other sanctions.



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