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Nsambya carpenters’ Chairman to tour Chinese carpentry village


Nsambya carpenters’ Chairman to tour Chinese carpentry village

Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi handing over a cheque to Moses Muleke

Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi handing over a cheque to Moses Muleke

The Chairman Nsambya Carpenters and Craft Training Agency (NSACARJA), has been invited to Tieng Shen to tour a Chinese carpentry village to learn their carpentry technology.  This is because the Chinese are setting up such carpentry workshops here.

While giving him the air ticket to China, the state minister for Youth and Children Affairs, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, said “They are doing a project to set the village carpentry here. When we asked how they were going to do it, he asked us first to go on a week’s tour of their carpentry villages to study Chinese carpentry.”

Last year, President Yoweri Museveni gave NSACARJA carpentry machines worth 170 million shillings and 100 million in cash to help them establish a savings and credit cooperative organization (SACCO). He also promised them a piece of land to build a carpentry workshop to stop their operations on the road reserve ant Nsambya.

Muleke asked Nakiwala to include some of them in helping find a suitable land for the carpentry family village.”Here where we are the owners of the land helped us but we are on time bomb in case they tell us to vacate that’s why we very much waiting for this promise,” Muleke told the minister.

Nakiwala responded, saying, “Since the president visited you Nsambya carpenters his heart is on you and has ordered all government offices to use our domestic furniture with the purpose of supporting you carpenters together with our local markets. For the issue of the land for your carpentry village the president is seriously on this issue and we are still looking for the best place for you”

NSACARJA has given out 165 loans and 98% of them have paid back the loans. So far there are 185 members.   It has saved 22 million shillings with a 7.5million shilling shareholdings within five months. The SACCO is worth 147 million shillings.

However the minister advised them to cooperate together since the president gave money not to groups but to Nsambya carpenters and she cautioned them not to show these inside wrangles to president since they may delay other developmental programs which can benefit you.

Muleke also reported to the minister saying that the carpentry family now is at status where winner takes it all and we are still tracking our permanent home where everything will be in order however now many carpenters have believed in him and all their modernity is attributed to Muleke. Minister Nakiwala blew the final trumpet by praising Muleke for passionate struggle to see that Nsambya carpenters are safe and promised to work with him



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