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Uganda muslims urge Museveni gov’t to denounce Jerusalem takeover


Uganda muslims urge Museveni gov’t to denounce Jerusalem takeover

Sheikh Kamoga (in middle) addressing the media about the US’s ‘unfortunate’ declaration of Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Muslim leaders in Kampala, Uganda have asked the government of President Museveni to denounce the recent pronouncement by the U.S President Donald Trump of the City of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Sheikh Muhamad Yusuf Kamoga, the Imam of Masjid Safiya along Queens Way in Kampala made the appeal during yesterday’s Juma prayers, when he said: “We as the leaders of Masjid Safiya take this opportunity to appeal to the leadership of the NRM government to denounce the pronouncement of the holly city of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist state of Israel because it is the hallmark of injustice.” He added: “We know that the NRM government was motivated by the desire to fight injustice.”

Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel before the two worrying states agree on a peace deal means that the US recognizes Israel’s claims over the land they are currently occupying.

Sheikh Kamoga noted that although the pronouncement by the United States has been anticipated, in view of its relentless support of the continued support to the illegitimate occupation of Palestine by Israel.”

Sheikh Kamoga, noted that Jerusalem is historically known as being part of Palestine, and indeed a part of the Muslim heritage because it hosts one of the three hilliest places in the muslim world – the masjid of Jerusalem.

Sheikh Kamoga also urged other Muslim leaders in Uganda and across Africa to stand with the People of Palestine in their trying moment, when as he said, they are being killed, and terrorised for no reason.

Some of the crowds that came out to denounce the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

The silent protest by the Muslims of Masjid Safiya come at a time when the muslim fraternity is expressing discontent, through mass protests including in major cities around the world, to condemn President Donald Trump’s recent move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Israel.

But Trump’s decision has further isolated the United States, considering the international rebuke his decision has attracted.

The United Nations Security Council is expected to come up with a resolution denouncing the US stand.



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