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Residents protest poor state of roads


Residents protest poor state of roads

Mbale roads look like fish ponds

Residents of Afya and Kabogoza cells in Afya ward Nakaloke town council in Mbale municipality turned violent and planted banana stems in the middle of Afya-Kabogoza road in protest over the deteriorating state of roads.

This road connects Afya-Kabogoza to Namabasa sub-county

According to some of the residents who spoke to The Sunrise, the road is impassable whenever it rains, hindering movement in the area besides causing accidents.

One resident who declined to reveal his identity said: “We are tired of this poor road. Whenever it rains, the road become a garden yet the authorities are simply deceiving us,” residents said.

The residents claim that they have waited in vain for the pledges on repairing the road since last year. They add that their leaders are always deceiving them.”

Authorities speak up

Hawa Ndagire, the Vice Chairperson of LC 3 of Nakaloke sub-county admitted that the poor state of the road is intolerable but still blamed the protesters for ignoring their pleas.

“Its true there was a delay in release of the money for this road since it was released in quarters, we got the money last Wednesday and its the first road we shall start with,” she said. Adding that residents had to first consult before they demonstrate.

Fazali Kiisa the Secretary of works in Nakaloke town council requested residents to be patient since they plan to start working on the road soon,

“We are going to start with that road so I request residents to be patient,” Kiisa pleaded.

Apart from this road, there are other roads in this area which have become a menace for the residents. They include Doko-Namabasa road, where during rain seasons, the road becomes very soggy.



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