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             Why sex has no specific time allotted to it

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             Why sex has no specific time allotted to it


sex still tops the agenda’s list even in harsh, brutal and doleful moments

sex still tops the agenda’s list even in harsh, brutal and doleful moments

As a country we have gone through a lot. We lost my friend, the man I admired most Assistant Inspector General of police Felix Kaweesi,  my mother’s home area Buduuda was hit by floods and landslides claiming lives of many women and numerous children, Afande Muhammad Kirumira another of the policemen I admired was also gunned down like they did to Kaweesa in 2017. Road accidents claimed tens of thousands of lives of Ugandans plus the recent water accident where a boat sunk into the water claiming many life eaters.

As if that is  was not enough Susan Magara and Hon. Abiriga were also murdered in cold blood. The opposition politicians also lost the presidential age limit petition plus many other sad incidents.

But surprisingly there are Ugandans at this very moment busy having sex in homes, hotels, lodges and bushes in the different corners of the country. I really just wonder where these people get the appetite from when. This is not a merry making time.

I have come to realize that people will have sex at anytime, in any place for any reason. Even at a time you don’t expect people to have sex they are busy having it. Take an example of war time; this is a time for survival and you would think that people are trying to save their dear lives from death and threats of death. But this is not always the case.  Somehow they find the opportunity to make themselves happy.

During and after World War II sex was the order of the day in German cities and other parts of the world directly involved in the war. In German the women were raped, not once or twice but ten, twenty, thirty and a hundred times, and it was all the same to the Russians whether they raped mere children or old women

Historians have documented in the past that rape was the most obvious form of revenge against the Germans. The fact is that things were a lot worse than one would ever have imagined. The Russians were coming and going the whole time and they kept eyeing German women greedily. The nights were dreadful because these women were never safe for a moment.

The girls, women and nuns were raped incessantly for hours on end, the soldiers standing in queues, the officers at the head of the queues, in front of their victims. During the first night many of the nuns and women were raped as many as fifty times. Some of the nuns who resisted with all their strength were shot, others were ill-treated in a dreadful manner until they were too exhausted to offer any resistance.

If sex still tops the agenda’s list even in harsh, brutal and doleful moments then it is clear that there is no specific right time for it.



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