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Impatient youth lash out at Museveni


Impatient youth lash out at Museveni

Members of the Muslim brotherhood at Already Hotel in Kampala

Members of the Muslim brotherhood at Already Hotel in Kampala

At the risk of tarnishing the image of the muslim faith and the muslim community in Uganda, a group of young people calling themselves the Muslim brotherhood has lashed out at the office of President Yoweri Museveni for allegedly giving them empty promises of money.

Likely to be interpreted as an exercise in blackmail, the youth held a press conference at Already Hotel in Kampala on Thursday, in which they accused President Museveni of promising them empty air.

The group claims to have been established to mobilise financial assistance for the families of the Sheikhs who were murdered in recent years.

The group leaders say they met President Museveni recently with assistance from musician Catherine Kusasira to try to access the President’s support. Following the meeting with the President, Muslim Brotherhood leaders said the president promised them money by January 08, 2019, a promise that is yet to be realised.

Because of the delay, the group leaders are spitting fire by declaring that they are tired of empty promises.

Male Kasimu, the Chairperson said: “We are tired of your empty promises, we can get money somewhere else if you can’t do it, our fathers, brothers, leaders have been killed and we kept quiet, no one has an answer for that. Remember Muslims had an upper hand in bringing the NRM government to power but have not been helped as we have been left behind in all aspects.”

Not all were rude in asking for assistance. Sarah Ndagire, the Muslim brotherhood coordinator in Butambala district, says she endured a hard life following the death of her father and now she is painfully trying to finish her degree at University while at the same time having to take care of her siblings.

She appealed to the President to fulfil his pledge saying this would ease her burden.



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