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Tobacco kills 38 daily


Tobacco kills 38 daily

Dr. Hasfa Luswasa

Dr. Hafswa Luswasa

Uganda Health Communicators Alliance has decided to intensify the campaign of eradicating tobacco smoking, Shisha and Kuber from Uganda.

Tobacco and Shisha smoking is one of the common vice in the youths mostly in urban areas putting a number of lives at risk of being affected by different diseases like lung cancer.

The coordinator of Tobacco control in Uganda Dr. Hafswa Luswasa while addressing the Media at Centenary Park said Tobacco is one of the deadly causes of diseases and as ministry of Health they are ready to fight and eradicate Tobacco use in Uganda

A report from the Uganda Health communicators Alliance indicated that 38 people die every day from tobacco related disease and infections and by November 2018 up to date 2,850 people have so far died from tobacco related cases

Baguma Richard the programs coordinator at Uganda Health Communications Alliance, pronounced that, they are trying to root for a high level tobacco ban and eradication stating that the campaigns are to be nationwide in order to sensitize the public and bring everyone on board in the fight against Tobacco smoking and its related diseases.

The tobacco control act states that for any individual to smoke tobacco, they must at least be 50m away from public places and areas occupied by people, it also prohibits advertisements and sponsorships from tobacco companies.




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