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Pastors appeal to gov’t on Bugingo


Pastors appeal to gov’t on Bugingo

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo

Ugandan Pentecostal pastors have appealed to government to take action against the under-fire Pastor Aloysious Bugingo, for allegedly violating the law.

United under their umbrella organisation – the National Pastors Platform Uganda, prominent pastors from Kampala denounced Bugingo for making offensive remarks that demean women.

Pastors argued that the available laws are enough to curb the indiscipline that has been displayed by Bugingo.

The President of the NPPA Bishop ‘Dr.’ David Kiganda said while addressing a news conference held at Redemption City Church in Kampala, that as pastors they have no authority on pastor Bujjingo since he is not a member of their association.

They asked government to reprimand him because his entity is registered with government.

As if in response to their plea, Ethics minister Fr. Lokodo Simon ordered Bugingo to stop insulting his wife hence with.

“Bugingo is autonomous and not part of our association, he is registered by government which makes him answerable to it and on issues of insults and defamation, UCC is responsible for regulating media houses,” said Kiganda

Pastor Fred Bahati, a consultant at the NPPA said that as pastors they feel offended by what Bugingo is doing but they can’t bring him to order as he is governed and regulated by government, he burnt the bible, he dissolved rings in the marriage among others but the persons responsible for him are not doing their job

This comes after Pastor Bugingo while on the pulpit is quoted for having said that he got tired of buying pads for his estranged wife Teddy Bugingo whom he alleged was suffering from Fistula.

The pastors under the NPPA umbrella also met the Minister for Ethics and Integrity on how the born again churches can be regulated and also share knowledge on the proposed Religious and faith based policy that the ethics ministry wants to introduce





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