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Italian Band Ladri di Carrozzelle to perform at Uganda Museum


Italian Band Ladri di Carrozzelle to perform at Uganda Museum

As part of the Italian week events in Uganda, the Italian music band “Ladri di Carrozzelle”, comprising people with disabilities, will bring to Uganda its mission of social inclusion and promotion of “diversity” through music on 20th Nov 2019.

The Band will be performing at the Uganda Museum where revelers will also have a chance to witness a grand art exhibition dubbed Leonard Opera Omnia where works of legendary artist Leonardo Da Vinci will be showcased.

This initiative will display seventeen high definition and true to scale reproductions of the masterpieces of Italy’s most renowned genius, including the “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper”.

The pieces are produced with the most advanced technologies of the graphic sector, to the point to be considered as “digital paintings”. Opera Omnia will allow visitors to see the entire pictorial corpus of the Artist in one place, exhibiting works usually hosted by museums in seven different countries.

As revealed by the Italian Ambassador in Uganda, the Uganda and the Uganda Museum has set a record by becoming the first sub-Saharan country to host an exhibition of the legendary Italian Artist Leonardo Da Vinci.





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