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Mityana eats big as more projects are implemented


Mityana eats big as more projects are implemented

The leaders of Mityana district are basking in euphoria following the implementation of a number of government commitments this very term of NRM’s leadership. In contemporary speak, Mityana is at the receiving end of government fortunes or as the Baganda say Olugogo gyelwewunzikidde.

Mityana district chairman Joseph Luzige punched in the air to signify his achievements during his reign noting that the people of Mityana have never had it better than during this term.

He made the comments during the technical commissioning of the Nkokonjeru Small Scale Irrigation Scheme located at the former District Farm Institute about two kilometres from Mityana town.

Luzige outlined a number of social service projects the government has implemented including:

  1. One full road ‘equipment’ unit
  2. 63 small towns connected with power
  1. Five new schools built

4. Construction of Mityana Hospital

5. Two maternity centres built (at Mwera and Kituuma)

  1. Rehabilitation of Mityana municipality roads

Luzige said his job is to knock on relevant offices in government which he has so far found easy because of his membership with the ruling NRM party.

Luzige’s view was supported by Mityana Municipality Mayor Esther Ndyanabo who said that Mityana had never been luckier.

“I wish to say that we have never benefitted from the government the way we have during this term,” she said.

And just as they were celebrating the numerous achievements so far, than the Ministry of Water and Environment promised to build them two more irrigation schemes.

According to Eng. Gilbert Kamanzi, a commissioner in the ministry, the designs for the Kamanje and Karyankoko small scale irrigation schemes have been  completed.

He noted that implementation of the proposed schemes would however depend on the successful utilisation of the newly commissioned scheme at the DFI.

Eng. Kamanzi said as the ministry was interested in seeing that farmers have better incomes from using irrigation as opposed to situations that they have for long endured.

Eng. Kamanzi was particularly impressed by the move by members of Nkokonjeru Area Cooperative Enterprises (NACE) who have gone a step further to add value to pumpkins.

Led by Henry Kasozi, NACE make diverse products ranging from pumpkin wine, pumpkin juice, pumpkin porridge to pumpkin cooking oil and several other products.




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