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Mufti Mubajje warns parents on children and gadgets


Mufti Mubajje warns parents on children and gadgets

Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Ramathan Mubajje in his office at Old Kampala’s Gaddafi Mosque

The Mufti of Uganda Sheik Ramadhan Shaban Mubajje has urged parents to guide their children on their communication gadgets to minimise mischief.

According to Mubajje, many children are morally unstable because of what they spend too time with Communication gadgets such as Televisions and smart phones unsupervised by their parents.

He made the remarks during the media briefing that was held at old Kampala mosque.
Mubajje urged parents to keep a watchful eyes on their children who are currently in their holidays not to fall easy prey to people with ill intention in society.

“With regrets, we wish to remind parents and guardians of the immoral activities prevailing in their society like sports betting, gambling, drug abuse and addiction, so parents should be watchful to prevent children from indulging in these acts,” he said.

He further expressed concern about the young generation warning that Ugandan society may in future have to deal with moral disintegration if parents fail to guide their children.
Mubajje blamed the society degradation on parents who don’t care about the future of the country and their children.

“As responsible parents or guardians ,it is your duty to ensure that we keep track of the children on your custody, this is one of the principle of good parenting,” said Mubajje.



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