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Shincheonji Church of Jesus Condemns Blasphemous Pastor Jun Kwang Hoon


Shincheonji Church of Jesus Condemns Blasphemous Pastor Jun Kwang Hoon

Deeds of Satan the Devil that Oppose God Must Disappear from the Earth Devilish deeds of the protestant Church since the Japanese colonial period are pointed out A political organization masked with religion, the CCK should be permanently shut down

Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony’s Chairman Man Hee Lee has condemned Pastor Jun Kwang-hoon who is causing controversy with his recent blasphemous remarks.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus also strongly called for the shutdown of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK), of which Pastor Jun Kwang-hoon is the president.

The entire congregation of Shincheonji Church of Jesus in their statement of condemnation released on the 24th, urged members of the CCK to leave from it for there is no salvation there.

In their statement, the members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus said, “Pastor Jun spoke against God by saying, ‘If you mess around, I will kill you,’ and other similar remarks committing a sin of blaspheming God and the Holy Spirit.

“Jun Kwang-hoon spoke against God and committed the sin of blaspheming God and the Holy Spirit. Within its history, the Presbyterian denomination of the CCK – along with other denominations – worshipped and praised the gentile gods of Japan in the past. Furthermore, there have been about 12,000 convictions for the crimes committed by pastors of the CCK.”

The CCK conducts deadly coercive conversion programs, and they are committing acts that are “anti-nation, anti-society, and anti-religion”. The president of such an organization even said that he will “kill God” now.

Shincheonji also emphasized, “Pastor Jun’s words are the words of the CCK. The true identity of the spirit (god) and the CCK is finally exposed.”

Statements by Pastor Gwang

They added, “God, the Creator of the universe, is a being all the people of the earth worship and revere. Jesus and the members of Shincheonji are God’s spiritual children born of God’s seed, as testified in Matthew 13:24-30 and 13:38-39; God is the Father of the members of Shincheonji. Why does Pastor Jun wish want to kill our Father?”

The members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus also said, “It seems that the CCK churches and pastors who are under President Jun Kwang-hoon all have the same spirit (god) and thoughts.

Jun Kwang-hoon should leave the earth along with the CCK – or, enter the fiery lake of sulfur voluntarily.”

The members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus explained that the atrocious acts of the Protestant churches that belong to the CCK followed the devilish deeds that have been continuing since the Japanese colonial era.

They listed the CCK’s deeds that are “anti-nation, anti-society, and anti-religion,” which include their worshipping and praising the Japanese gods at their shrine, how the CCK pastors added to and subtracted the Book of Revelation, and how there have been 12,000 convictions for the crimes the pastors committed in the past ten years.

The members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus said, “We are afraid that our country South Korea will be pointed out and blamed by the whole world as a country of the devil, because of Jun Kwang-hoon, the president of the CCK.

The whole world is speaking out against Jun Kwang-hoon’s ludicrous and blasphemous comment.”

Along with this, the members of Shincheonji urged those who follow Pastor Jun by saying, “Believers who are following blindly – do you think there is salvation in the CCK, an organization that says to “kill God”? Flee from there.”

A representative of Shincheonji Church of Jesus said, “President Jun Kwang-hoon claims that he has been anointed, and even asserting that the entire country of South Korea centers around him, and that he will kill God if things do not go his way.” He also explained

Such assertions expose his heretic beliefs that use religion for power and oppose God. The CCK – a political organization masked under religion – must be shut down immediately.”



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