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Bobi Wine should avoid drawing away attention from Museveni


Bobi Wine should avoid drawing away attention from Museveni

Bobi wine

Bobi wine

It is not a wonder that the Police fired tear gas and prevented Bobi Wine from holding his Manifesto Rally; a few days ago, even after the Police and the Electoral Commission, had given their consent for him to do so. The reason is that he did it at the time President Museveni was still completing his non-corruption walk.

Bobi Wine should have learnt by now that it does not bode well for anybody to try to divert attention from Museveni’s projects. Museveni is busy trying to get the people of Uganda to believe that walking will end corruption. And so every attention should be paid to that project by everybody. Whether walking will end corruption, is not the issue; the matter is that the President is involved and walking.

Any activity that he is involved in becomes a national issue, whether it is mundane or not. It could be anything; for instance, getting people to have their shoes polished sheen at all times. So, who is Bobi Wine to talk about People Power, when the President is walking the nation away from corruption?

Ebenezer Mubangizi






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