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HWPL and IWPG Leaders Convene For a Peace Meeting


HWPL and IWPG Leaders Convene For a Peace Meeting

The International Women peace group (IPWG) was established in sept. 2013 as a partner organization of HWPL with members in 152 countries worldwide.

Women leaders pose for a group photo after their meeting in Kampala

In a bid to amplify the voices of women’s support for peace and commitment to support the DPCW- The declaration of peace and cessation of war, the International Women peace group in Uganda branch (IWPG) a partner organization of HWPL convened a group of women peace leaders to continue training more other women and men who are passionate in achieving global peace.

During the meeting that convened at SS Hotel kampala, the group committed to take up key issues, including increasing women’s participation and influence in peace processes; ending conflict-related sexual violence and sexual exploitation and abuse; support for women human rights defenders; and increasing the financial resources available for the women, peace and the international/ DPCW support agenda.

Caroline Bourchaga during her presentation

The IWPG Ugandan representative Caroline Bourchaga said leaders and HWPL are vital allies as they strongly advocate for the roles of women peace builders and human rights defenders.

Bourchaga added “peace can’t be achieved by just convening and discussing peace. Many peace organizations exist but peace has no longer been formed. Why was the UN formed? and what is its purpose? These are the questions we must ask. If we are living together on this earth, then we must know what is happening on this earth. The purpose of the UN is to make Peace.”

“ It was established to create a world without wars, a world of peace How many years has it been since its establishment? Has peace been achieved yet? If the UN was established for peace, then peace must be fulfilled. The sure answer for peace is the international law the DPCW with ten articles and thirty eight clauses which all government leaders has to support” said Bourchaga.

As the women leaders stressed that the IWPG prides itself on leading peace building processes, but for too long, the experiences, perspectives and voices of women have been missing.

They argued When young women are given the opportunity to participate in peacebuilding, they make innovative contributions—they have the capacity to shape the world and achieve a peaceful world.

The women urged that women’s meaningful participation is undoubtedly an accelerator for peace despite their significant added value, women’s organizations are chronically underfunded, and being used in product promotion.

Lydia Kiwanuka the leader of the orthodox mother’s Union stressed that the history of traditional peacemaking is littered with examples of failed mediation attempts and broken peace agreements evidence that women need to start working differently and more inclusively, if they’re to succeed at building a more peaceful world.

Kiwanuka added “As Women human rights defenders stand on the front lines of the daily struggle to protect and promote women’s rights and gender equality”

“Governments are responsible for ensuring that women human rights defenders can operate without fear of intimidation, harassment, or worse. In solidarity with their efforts, the International women peace Group IWPG must support the DPCW and shine a light on the work of leaving a legacy for world peace”.

The International Women peace group (IPWG) was established in sept. 2013 as a partner organization of HWPL with members in 152 countries worldwide.

It is a separate organization registered with the ministry of Gender equality and family, the UN public Affairs Bureau and the UN Economic and Social Council with its major roles of advocating for world peace, women’s participation and Human rights.

The IPWG also works hard in advocating support for the DPCW, Initiatives to spread the culture of peace and the unification of Korean Peninsula.



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