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Ugandans Scamper over Coronavirus Scare


Ugandans Scamper over Coronavirus Scare

As China Records Highest Deaths in the Last 24 hours

Health officials examining suspected Corona virus victim

People in Seeta, Mukuno district, have been sent into panic after learning that some Chinese, who returned to country recently, have been isolated for monitoring over the possibility of carrying the coronavirus.

The employers of the three Chinese, China Star Company, decided to confine the returnees following a Ministry of Health directive to isolate and monitor people coming from affected countries as a preventive measure.

Over 200 so far people have been confined in Uganda as they are monitored for the possibility of carrying the virus. The confinement takes two weeks, after which, is someone does not show symptoms of the disease, they are released.

Meanwhile, China has recorded the highest number of deaths than ever before in the shortest time since the outbreak of the new corona virus.

In the last 24 hours, that is Wednesday this week, according to the BBC, 242 deaths from the new corona virus were recorded in Hubei province of central china thus becoming the biggest number since the outbreak of the virus.

The province has also recorded the highest number of diagnosed cases, 14,840 on the same day.

The new cases and deaths in the province have pushed the national death toll to over 1350 with almost 60,000 infections in total.

Meanwhile, 44 corona virus cases have also been confirmed on the Diamond Princess Cruise ship; a quarantine in Yokohama a Japan’s coast.

This implies that 218 people of the 3700 people on board the ship have caught the virus. However, not everyone has been tested yet.

Those that are diagnosed with the virus are taken off the ship for treatment on land and the rest are continuously confined to their cabins.

However, hopes of finding the vaccine are still less as the World Health Organization (WHO) says finding the vaccine will take some time.

“I think we will find a vaccine though it will take some time. A vaccine cannot be made overnight,” WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan told journalists in china.

By Vicent Nathan Lusambya and agencies




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