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BBI: looking at Zimbabwean Evangelist Ndlovu Prophesies


BBI: looking at Zimbabwean Evangelist Ndlovu Prophesies

Zimbabwean evangelist, IanNdlovu

A year ago, Zimbabwean evangelist, Ian Ndlovu, raised eyebrows here when he made “prophesies” concerning the political future of the country. This columnist posted an analysis that went counter to what he had said. (See the Sunrise Web: “Zimbabwean Pastor Ndlovu’s Conflicted Prophecy”).

In last week’s reaction to this story on the Internet, a Mr. Hannington Olodo, posted that that column was incorrect. He sought to correct it by saying that Pastor Ndlovu was not addressing Uganda, but Kenya. It appears that, Olodo, by the name, presumably a Kenyan, merely picked up half the story, which was only meant to address his preferences.

To summarize, Ndlovu first categorized the region; then in his additional prophesy, he focused on Uganda. Olodo also in his article;, quotes another evangelist, a Kenyan, a Mr. David Owuor, who agrees with Ndlovu and Olodo about Kenya. Both Olodo and Owuor have not addressed the political situation in Uganda

Looking at the current political events in Kenya, it is inevitable to correlate this to the BBI – Building Bridges Initiative – an agreement between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Orange opposition leader, Raila Odinga. That agreement is meant to end the violence that followed the general election of 2016.

Following that poll, Police killed many people in different regions of the country, as the violence showed, but there was no indication of overt inter-tribal violence. So, this BBI pact is about creating “a united nation for all Kenyans living today, and all future generations”.

According to political pundits, essentially, this understanding is supposed to make Kenyatta and Odinga alternate exercising power between one being president and the other prime minister; and then a change round about, with a  “shared power between  president and  prime minister”, at any one and other time.

The problem with this arrangement is that, people see it as tending to lock out the other smaller tribes, outside the Kikuyu-Luo hegemony; and this now affects the present Deputy President, William Ruto, a Nandi, who for all intends and purposes, is unlikely to access the presidency. Of late, he has been in all kinds of political machinations intended to criminalize him.

According to Olodo, the Ndlovu/Owuor prophesies, cite raising the “son of one of the founders of the country to power, but he will be assassinated before his reign ends plunging the country into the worst inter-tribal ethnic conflict”. Moreover, their prophesied cite: “imminent”; but that was nearly two years ago!

Also in the BBI case, there are two people of the founders of the present-day Kenya; Odinga and Kenyatta. It is generally known that Jaramogi Oginga Odinga (Raila Odinga’s) father surrendered power to Jomo Kenyatta (Uhuru’s) father, on getting to independence because of their roles in the anti-colonial political struggle – notably Kenyatta, having been in prison, and thereby, garnering greater national acclaim. For this, Olodo is way off the mark as the BBI is being actively fronted and appears to be gathering momentum.

(An attention-grabbing digression to this is that; three former African presidents have since died: Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Kenya’s Daniel arap Moi and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak).

In the other prophetic message, Ndlovu was specific: “The second message I have been given is for Uganda.” Accordingly, the spirit of God was telling him that Ugandans should not “toy-toy” like what happene4d in the removal of Sudan’s Mohammed al Bashir, but instead “pray for other methods of creating change,” presumably through the polls.

Recent political developments have pushed into the fore, former Internal Security Organization (ISO) chief; and Security Minister, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde when he planned to campaign for president.

From time to time Ndlovu’s prophesies about persons wanting presidential power in Uganda have stalled when the Government has stymied their interests. In a number of cases, those persons have been in the echelons of power themselves, but have fallen into disfavor when they have tried to access the higher office.

At the time and in the wake of Ndlovu’s amended prophesy, the People Power leader, Musician-Parliamentarian, Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k.a Bobi Wine, (who has not been in the category of the former aspirants) fell into disagreement and foul of the State.  He has since then been facing political problems that have hampered his campaign to mobilize the youth to his cause.

Again, there is no political cataclysm as foreseen by Ndlovu.  As much as Olodo wants to divert the intention of the initial article, to suit BBI and the possible developments from it, the article went beyond the confines of the Kenyan political scene, which he is obviously more accustomed to.







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