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COVID-19 deaths spike in Italy and other hard hit countries


COVID-19 deaths spike in Italy and other hard hit countries

Deaths in Italy due to Coronavirus send warning to Western style behaviours

The death toll from COVID-19 in Italy has reached 4,823 with the country’s overall cases topping 53,000.

In just two days Italy has lost over 1600 people. This has triggered authorities in the Northern most affected region of Lombardi to tighten restrictions including requiring people to exercise from home.

The growing carnage from COVID-19 is not restricted to Italy but has spread to other countries so far killing over 11000 people out of 3000000 confirmed cases In 175 countries.

Uganda reported its first case of COVID-19 this morning.

In Spain new deaths jumped by 32% to 1326 since the start of the outbreak weeks ago.

In the U.S new cases and deaths have spiked as well. Over 25,000 cases have so far been reported with over 250 deaths.
The situation in the US is also compounded by low levels of recovery.

The US has the lowest recovery rate of 1%

The growing spread and fatality of COVID-19 has raised tensions across the world forcing countries to enforce movement restrictions never seen since the 2nd world war over 60 years ago.

Uganda this week escalated restrictions from banning mass gathering to banning international movement of persons.



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