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Iran Releases 85000 prisoners amid COVID-19 Surge


Iran Releases 85000 prisoners amid COVID-19 Surge

Iran releases over 850000 prisoners amid Coronavirus scare
The Islamic Republic of Iran has released over 850000 prisoners in the wake to curb the spread of the COVID-19 in prisons.

Prisons being centre for congestion and over crowding, the Iranian government released 75,000 prisoners on bail and 10,000 were released and set free by the Iranian president.

The COVID-19 patients in Iran are 27,017 and deaths have reached 2,077 with government encouraging total lockdown and following of guidelines.

The United Kingdom is also planning to release some of the prisoners after 19 prisoners tested positive of the virus with the country recording 9529 patients with the total number of deaths at 465.

France has so far recorded 25,233 patients with 1331 total deaths while Italy has recorded a total of 7503 deaths with a record 74386 patients.

Spain also has registered a total of 49515 cases with deaths at 3647 where 54000 health workers have been infected with the virus.

China which was the epicentre of the disease has recorded 81285 cases and 3287 deaths where 74051 have recovered
The United states has registered total deaths of 1040 and 68351 Patients while Uganda recorded 14 patients with 0 deaths registered as of 25th March 2020.

The Ugandan president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni banned the use of public transport and non food items in the markets for 14 days as part of the measures to curb COVID-19.

The world has recorded 478041 cases with 21335 deaths and 10639 recovery where Europe has been hit hard with 250665 cases with 14185 deaths and a recovery of 2389 (10%) and Italy being the worst hit in Europe.

Africa among the least affected countries with 2628 cases and 70 deaths with 207 recoveries as South Africa is the worst hit on the continent with 709 cases 0 deaths and 12 recoveries

NOTE these figures are subject to change at any time.

Please listen to government guidelines, stay at home and social distance.



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