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Museveni promises to tackle truck drivers COVID crisis


Museveni promises to tackle truck drivers COVID crisis

President Museveni handed over cars donated by the private sector towards Uganda’s COVID-19 campaign. The Ministry of Health will distribute them to district health departments

President Yoweri Museveni has promised to address the crisis surrounding the spike in the number of cases among truck drivers.

The President has however hinted that he prefers to see that the drivers only proceed with their journeys after the results of their COVID-19 testing have been released.

The President made the remark through his twitter account, in which he said: “We want to test these drivers before they come here. They should only be allowed to move when the results are released. I will detailedly address this matter on Tuesday.”

The President added that health ministers from across the member states of the East African community had met to find a common position regarding the way forward in tackling the spread of Coronavirus among truck drivers.

There have been suggestions in recent days that some authorities in Uganda preferred a Relay system where truck drivers hand the vehicles to their tested colleagues at the border. But some media reports indicate this proposal has been rejected by majority of the drivers. Many prefer to wait for the results than handling over their vehicles to other people.

The President’s comments come amid growing anger among Ugandans many of whom believe the government is lax in its handling of the rise among COVID-19 infections among truck drivers.

Since about a week ago when the Ministry of Health started reporting that truck drivers were the source of new infections, anxiety has been growing about the government’s plan to close this route of rising new infections, which not only threatens to undermine the success so far recorded, but also threatens to keep in place the crippling effects of the COVID-19 lock-down restrictions.

Many argued that truck drivers were the reason the government is determined to maintain the lock-down measures that have caused widespread pain and suffering arising from the fact that people do not earn income and therefore are finding it hard to put food on table.

Meanwhile, President Museveni hailed Ugandans for braving the painful lock-down measures, and proclaimed that Uganda is winning the fight against COVID-19.

“Again, I salute you for your patience and vigilance in our goal of limiting the spread of COVID-19. We have been engaged in the fight against this virus and we are doing well so far. We shall defeat this virus.”

Museveni flagged off a fleet of new vehicles that have been donated by various private sector players to help in the fight against COVID-19.

So far, Uganda is the envy of many in the East African region because of its success in the fight against the Coronavirus. Uganda has recorded 75 infections and no death. In addition, majority of the patients, 45, have been discharged from hospitals after treatment and repeated tests indicated that they had tested negative to the virus.




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