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EC flags off 5-month marathon of tense political season


EC flags off 5-month marathon of tense political season

EC Chirman Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama

EC Chirman Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama

The Electoral Commission yesterday released the revised electoral roadmap for the general elections in observance of constitutional requirements that leaders have to secure the mandate of the people every after five years.

One fundamental difference with past elections, as announced by Justice Simon Byabakama, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, is that this time round, candidates will not be allowed to hold public rallies but will instead use the media, especially the electronic media outlets such as Television, Radio, Websites as well as social media platforms.

Also important to note is that because of the three months lockdown period that the country has endured, the country’s electoral roadmap has become tighter. This means that political parties as well as those that intend to contest for positions of leadership, have very limited time to put their houses in order.

For example, Political parties have been given between June 22 to July 21, 2020 to identify flag bearers of all levels.

Because of challenges surrounding the ban of public gatherings, how parties will choose flag bearers without a physical delegates conference, promises to be a tough call.

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