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Capital Shoppers on the spot for labelling pork sausages as Halal


Capital Shoppers on the spot for labelling pork sausages as Halal

Muniru inspecting at Capital shoppers Nakwa yersterday

Uganda Halal Bureau (UHB) has today demanded a public apology from Capital Shoppers Uganda after labelling pork sausages and selling them as Halal’s verified products.

A statement released by UHB says that it is regrettable that capital shoppers took it upon themselves to manufacture a product and labeled it with an Islamic symbol.

“We expect the apology to be made through the print media at the earliest so as to avoid the Muslim community rallying behind UHB to boycott your products. These actions are repugnant, selfish and provocative with disrespect to the Muslim community in particular,” says UHB.

UHB further adds the rage this incidence raised among the Muslim community underscores the insult inflicted on them spiritually.
“From now on every good Muslim will find it hard to trust your integrity,” the statement further reads.

UHB being the implementers of Uganda halal standards therefore has demanded that:

1. Capital shoppers immediately withdraws all its pork products with the halal symbol from its shelves.
2. Capital shoppers Uganda makes a formal public apology to UHB for the implication your action has caused to the public and Uganda National Bureau of Standards.
3. Capital shoppers makes a formal apology to the halal consumers in general and the Muslim community in particular.

Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) Halal Secretary Sheikh Muniru Sebintu who led a team of inspectors to Capital shoppers Nakawa around midday on Wednesday said that as a concerned department, they swung into action after receiving information from whistleblowers that the outlet was selling pork labelled as Halal.

“We visited capital shoppers and picked up samples for examination, whose results will be availed to the public.” He said.

Muniru assured Muslims that UMSC will always strive to ensure that they consume qualified Halal products.

“The pork was wrongly labelled as Halal and it has since been withdrawn from the shelves,” he added.



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