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Biden finally wins US presidency


Biden finally wins US presidency

US president-elect Joe Biden speaking after news networks announced he had won Pennsylvania state which granted him enough electoral votes that pushed his tally above the required 270 needed for any candidate to claim victory in the US presidential race

Democrat Joe Biden has won the State of Pennsylvania, and managed to surpass the minimum 270 electoral votes needed for every America wishing to be president.

Major news networks such as CNN, New York Times and the Associated Press said Biden was the clear winner of the race.

Biden’s victory did not come cheap however. He overcame incumbent Donald Trump’s foul language and other voter suppression tactics by the republican party including trying to use courts to try to manipulate their results.

The huge number of mailed votes also created the longest wait ever for Americans to get to know who the winner big November 3, Elections was.

And on Biden’s part, this was the third time the 78-year old former vice president of Barack Obama, was contesting for the highest office in land.

He becomes the oldest US president in history.

His running-mate Kamala Harris has become the first woman ever to be voted as the vice president.



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