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Museveni urges supporters to avoid crowds


Museveni urges supporters to avoid crowds

President Museveni shows the shield he got from leaders in Luwero

Although the government has relaxed COVID guidelines by allowing more people to gather, President Yoweri Museveni is advising his supporters to stay home and support quietly by avoiding crowds as is usually the case.

Museveni gave the advice on his first day of campaigning for his sixth term arguing that crowds will promote the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus and kill people.

Museveni officially launched his election campaigns in Luweero Kawumu on Monday said due to Covid-19, it was better for his supporters to keep home in order to be safe from the pandemic.

“Aa our first day of the campaigns comes to a close. I thank the NRM fraternity for a successful launch of our nationwide campaigns in Luweero.

Meanwhile, I take this opportunity to call upon our supporters to stay home, stay safe, the NRM message will reach you. I would like to disabuse you of your intention to want to show our might and numbers by lining on streets,” Museveni posted on his Social Media platforms.

He further added ” There is no need for excitement. Let us keep calm at home and sow the NRM message.”



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