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EC clarifies on phones at polling stations


EC clarifies on phones at polling stations

The Electoral Commission has come out to clarify that mobile phones are not strictly banned at polling stations per say but that phones are not supposed to be used for photography or recording purposes.

“While phones are not prohibited at polling stations, they must not be used for recording purposes or taking photographs inside the polling stations (the cordoned-off area),” the EC says in a Tweeter post.

The Electoral body has further clarified that agents of candidates shall be allowed to record or take photographs of the final declaration form.

“The counting of votes cast at each polling station will be conducted openly, and a voter or candidate’s agent may take photographs or recordings of the counting process and/or take a photograph or record the issued Declaration of Results Form.”

The electoral body has justified it’s ban on use of phones and cameras on the fact that it has to safeguard the secrecy of the ballot.

“The secrecy of the ballot is aimed at ensuring that a vote is anonymous and cannot be traced back to the person who cast it. A secret ballot is, therefore, fundamental in achieving peaceful, free and fair elections,”



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