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Police assaults journalists, NUP supporters as Bobi delivers petition to the UN


Police assaults journalists, NUP supporters as Bobi delivers petition to the UN

John Clif Wamala being rushed to hospital

Scores of journalists and supporters of the National Unity Platform (NUP) were this morning assaulted and some were admitted as the police prevented them from escorting the NUP presidential contestant to deliver his petition to the United Nations Human Rights office in Kololo.

NTV’s John Cliff Wamala sustained a cut on the head and was rushed to hospital, while Daily Monitor’s Irene Otto Abalo was also beaten seriously.

Newly elected Makindye west MP Nyeko Derick was also beaten and his car vandalized. He was part of a small group of people who were carrying placards of pictures showing the victims of torture and panda gari, that Bobi Wine is protesting.

Bobi Wine said he decided to run to the UN because he pleas to Ugandan authorities to end acts of torture and abduction have not been heeded.

Kyagulanyi says that more than 3000 of his supporters are now being held by security forces to in violation of the constitution that demands they be arraigned in courts of law and tried.

Kampala metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango said in a statement that they were not going to allow Bobi Wine to access UN human rights office with more than 3 people, as more people would violate COVID standard Operating Procedures.

Relatives and friends of the abducted persons had wanted to join the procession but we’re prevented by the police

The latest attack on journalists, though not a new thing, represents continued determination by the security forces to deny the NUP leader media coverage and popularity.



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