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Muslims advised to use Quran for development


Muslims advised to use Quran for development

Cultural Chancellor of the Islamic Republic of Iran In Uganda, Dr Muhammad Reza Ghezelsofla addressing the gathering at which the winners of the Quran Recitation competition were awarded.


Muslims and participants of the 2021 Quran Competitions organized by the Cultural Consulate of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Al-Mustafa Islamic College, Kajjansi have been advised to use the holy Quran for the development of their country.

Addressing participants at the Grand finale of the 2021 Annual Quran Competitions held in Kajjansi, Alhajji Mohammad Reza Ghezelsofla the Iran Cultural Chancellor in Uganda said the holy Quran has all the solutions to the challenges that anybody could think about under the sun.

“The holy Quran emphasize Unity as the late Imam Khomeini used to encourage Unity among nations,” he said.

Quoting the Quran, he said “Allah doesn’t change the condition of the nation without them doing their initiative, if any person calls for help and he/she is not helped then he is not among Muslims,” he said.

Ghezelsofla comforted all participants saying they’re all winners and should be encouraged to do more in understanding the holy Quran and use it’s fruits towards the development of the beloved country Uganda.

He also appealed to the believers to always stand with the oppressed Nations including Palestine as declared by the late Imam Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran that the last Friday during this month of Ramadhan be international Quds Day to show solidarity with the oppressed.

His Eminence, sheikh Mohammad Ali Waiswa, The deputy Mufti of Uganda said that the holy Quran and the holy month of Ramadhan are twins since they intercede believers on the day of judgement.

He said Quran Competitions help more students get inspired, motivated and appreciated in understanding their respective religion through memorization, Recitation and presentation.

The deputy Mufti informed the participants that Uganda leads in the Quran competitions in East African countries and has won global Quran competitions though Islam reached Uganda later after Kenya, Tanzania and the rest.

He extended his appreciation towards the Iran Cultural Chancellor for always being active in Uganda through visiting different mosques and Community centers.

He asked stakeholders to consider capacity building programs to the Quran memorizers to better their respective lives besides the memorization and also consider the conditions of the Muslim leaders in the villages to provide some support towards their livelihoods since they sacrifice their lives towards Islam.

He appreciated the organizers for having the comprehensive Quran competitions which have collectively attracted different schools and universities in Uganda.

The Ambassador of Iran to Uganda, His Excellency Seyed Mohammad MirHoseeini appreciated the organisers for having the Students Quran competitions in the holy month of Ramadhan from which the Quran was revealed to the holy Prophet of Islam in different ways.

He noted the Prophetic traditions of knowing the holy Quran and teaching it to others.

He informed the participants that the Islamic Republic of Iran adopted the holy Quran as it’s constitution to govern its Affairs.

Mohammad explained that the grand night of Destiny from which the holy Quran was revealed, it’s significance and philosophy from Surat Al-Qadr, saying it speaks in past tense and asked the participants why angels descend down in the grand night and for what purpose.

The Al Mustafa university rector, Hoj.Sheikh Rouhollah Dehghane promised to open up a separate department for Quranic Recitation and understanding to help students and researchers in the field of religious studies.

Not different from others, he appreciated the Iran Ambassador to Uganda, the Cultural Chancellor for their respective support and extended his utmost admirations to the students who participated in the competition.

Hajat Aisha Kabanda, The woman member of Parliament elect for Butambala district thanked the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for their contributions towards national development programs in Uganda and requested stakeholders to empower Islamic leaders to serve the Ugandan Community through different workshops, seminars and conferences to complete the knowledge cycle.

She also requested the college and the Iran Embassy to organize seminars among the Muslim members of Parliament to understand more about Islam and represent the Islamic Ummah in Uganda.

Kabanda advocated for short-term courses in memorizing and understanding the holy Quran in order to help the young generation in Uganda.

According to the Head of cultural affairs at Al-Mustafa Islamic College. Sheikh Mohammad Mukasa Sserutega Ssalongo, the Competitions attracted 90 students from 14 secondary schools and 6 universities in Uganda.

Awarding of the students Quran competition with cash prizes ended up the event led by the panel of judges.



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