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Princess Komuntale is full of life at bridal shower – pictures

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Princess Komuntale is full of life at bridal shower – pictures

Princess Ruth Komuntale – left on front row, had a blast on water with her pals as she celebrated her bridal shower

Weeding bells are ringing once again for Tooro’s princes Ruth Komuntale Nsemere.

The princes has revealed the big do is just a matter of days after she posted photos of her luxurious bridal shower in company of her friends and some close relatives.

In the post, the princess thanks her friends for the great time they showed her.

Komuntale with a friend at the bridal shower

“My Bachelorette weekend in a nutshell, shout out to my girls; Angel, Nkinzi, Suraya, Kenisha, Francine, Sheba, Diane, Sasha, Catherine, Sheelah and Belinda for the great time y’all showed me! I appreciate each and every one of you,” she posted on her Instagram with photos showing her bridal shower party which was by the pool.

Ever since things fell apart and the princes ended her marriage with African American Christopher Thomas in 2013, Komuntale went single until October 2018, when she went public about her new love life with a one Anthony Phil who also later proposed to her.

The 29 year old princes gave us a hint about their engagement through her Instagram.

“God you’re so faithful!! So excited to marry my best friend! #thefarquharsons???” she posted.

After the engagement, Komuntale posted photos of her fiancé and hinted on how she was on an eight months countdown.

“Even though we are not officially married yet, you have shown all the qualities of a great husband and more. I love you baby. Counting down 8 months to go,” she posted.

Komuntale with beau DJ Durty Phil

The Duke-to-be, according to his Instagram profile, is a Ugandan IT engineer and a Mutooro by tribe going by his pet name Amooti. However, posts on his account suggest that he is also a DJ, going by stage name DJ Durty Phil.

It should however, be remembered that in November 2012, Komuntale wedded Christopher, an African American from St Louis Missouri but their marriage ended a twelve months later in a bitter split.

The two traded insults on social media as Christopher claimed the prince was treating a strange illness.

Years later, Komuntale came out to clarify on her health status by revealing results from her blood tests to prove she had a clean bill of health.



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