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We’ll resume COVID-19 SOPs enforcement – M7


We’ll resume COVID-19 SOPs enforcement – M7

Museveni eases lockdown

President Yoweri Museveni while addressing the nation on COVID-19

President Museveni has warned that security agencies will resume enforcement of social distance measures aka SOPs next week to control the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Museveni said he will meet with the government anti-COVID-19 task force on Wednesday to agree on the exact measures to enforce, but made no mistake some of the SOPs will be reintroduced.

Museveni’s public address made on Saturday evening came amid a spike in COVID cases.

He said that one May 25, for example, 809 cases were recorded mostly in Kampala and Wakiso.

Perhaps on a worrying note, Museveni said that majority of the new cases have been recorded among young people.

In addition, Museveni said the country now has nearly all the dangerous strains of the disease, such as the Indian strain, the South African strain among others.

He warned the public to resume observing the SOPs even without being forced by Security for it is in their own interest to stay alive.

“The New COVID Variant is more aggressive, dangerous. We’re entering a very dangerous phase. After our meeting on Wednesday, we’re going to bring back some guidelines.”

Museveni said reports from experts indicate the new infections have been recorded in Kampala and Wakiso, and very few have been recorded upcountry.

Museveni therefore warned villagers against coming to Kampala.

He blamed the spike in new cases on defiant attitudes of Kampalans and other urban dwellers who have continued to gather in big numbers



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